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Lego worked with NASA to release this 1,087-piece Apollo 11 Luna Lander set

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Lego teamed up with NASA to create a brand new set themed after the Apollo 11 project. And it has 3 specific phases.

The Apollo 11 changed into the spaceflight that landed the first two human beings on the Moon. Now, you will be able to re-enact the ancient touchdown using Lego bricks, as Lego has unveiled a 1,087-piece Lego creator professional NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander package to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1969 challenge. It even worked with NASA to increase the set, which functions a each a decent stage and an ascent stage.

first-rate existence-sized Lego builds ever
The descent level has gold-coloured touchdown pads and panels, laser hatches, and a ladder, at the same time as the ascent stage has a detailed indoors. there may be even two astronaut minifigs, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, whole with gold visors on their helmets. Lego stated its designers visited NASA space facilities at the same time as developing the set to be able to extra replicate the gap organisation’s rocket and different equipment.

other than the decent and ascent ranges, Lego protected the “moon base” phase, which has craters, a nameplate, footprints, and a phase for a flag. It even protected a sticker for the plaque Armstrong and Aldrin left at the Moon.

Lego recommends this kit is for a long time sixteen and up. it’s going to move on sale in Lego retail stores and the shop online from 1 June for $ninety nine.99 or ¬£eighty four.99.

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