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Amazon is making a wearable that allows Alexa to read your emotions

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Amazon, like maximum tech groups, is running on products behind the scenes. it’s been rumoured to be growing a robotic for homes, for example. but now, Bloomberg claimed it is creating a device wrist-worn, voice-activated device.

The unique component approximately this wearable is it’ll be capable of study human emotions, and it may be positioned as a health and well-being device of types. it’s going to sync with a telephone app and feature microphones that can “parent the wearer’s emotional country from the sound of his or her voice”, and “sooner or later the technology could be able to advise the wearer the way to engage more correctly with others”.

is that this more evidence that Amazon desires to build an Alexa home robot?
it would even guide Alexa. Bloomberg saw inner Amazon files that supposedly show the Alexa voice software group and Amazon’s Lab126 hardware division are developing the tool together. Lab126, in case you failed to recognize, labored on the Kindle, the fireplace phone, and the Echo speaker. it’s also the equal organization reportedly running on the house robot that we first heard approximately final 12 months.

Bloomberg stated a diagram in a patent filing for the generation confirmed a sniffling girl telling Alexa she’s hungry. Amazon’s assistant without delay realised the girl has a cold and asked if she would really like a recipe for fowl soup. So, in other phrases, it seems like Amazon is making this tool in order that its AI can higher understand you and your emotions, which appears very dystopian.

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The element is, we frequently hear about these a long way-out ideas, and every so often they come to fruition years later, and other instances we simply overlook approximately them because nothing takes place. Bloomberg stated it’s unclear how far along Amazon’s mission is and cited it could never come to be a industrial product.

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